How has Joker from the Batman series inspired you in a good way?

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We all are well acquainted with the character of Joker from the Batman comics and the Batman movies. The Joker, in the latest Batman Franchisee of Christopher Nolan, was portrayed of course by Late Australian legend Heath Ledger.

The Joker is actually the antagonist of the Batman series. He is the one who always hoodwinks the Gotham City Police and also creates nuisances which even Batman has difficulties to control or overcome. He is mischievous, cunning, smart, notorious, funny, dedicated, and a villain with no heart. He does not hesitate to kill people in order to prove his message. But you know, even we can take out and extract some good things from the Joker?

You must be contemplating that I am barking mad! But actually I have a point.

A villain with a message

Have you ever considered that the Joker is always taking on things that are against the capitalistic stance of the Gotham city? Yes we understand his ways are inhuman and he is a threat to the society. In fact, he is a major threat to the city and its people. However, Joker always has a deep meaning, in all of the stunts he pulls off. Just take a look-he wanted to blow up a ship full of prisoners and gave the remote control to the people of the city. He robbed a bank where millionaires of the city had kept their questionable finances and later destroyed it. He does not commit crime for the money; maybe he does commit them for fun—because he is a self proclaimed fiend—but all his shenanigans have propounding impact on the Gotham city and its people. Of course, he proves his point in a very hellish way, but that’s the charm of his character. Even we can take a leaf from his book and do what is necessary. But of course, we should stay inside the lines of the law and order, at all times.

His vision

He does “just” does not commit a crime, he commits it in the most impressive and perfect way. For him, everything is planned. Remember the bank robbery from Dark Knight, it was planned to perfection. In fact it was choreographed in the most meticulous and pernickety way ever. Even we should plan our dreams and ideas (or even our regular life) in that precision to achieve all our life goals smoothly.

His determination and never quit attitude

The Joker is famous for not letting it go! He digs deep and tries all the plays in the book in order to achieve his goals. Even we should use the same robust attitude to achieve all our dreams.

He is resilient

The Joke does not go away that easily, he always finds a way back. He has a very unique tenet of coming back to form even when the chips are down. We can learn from this.

The humor

He commits his crime with a tinge of sarcasm and humour; he has tons of party tricks up his sleeves. Even we should approach things with a lighten note or tone in order to have fun in the thing that we do.

So, there you go, who would have thought that even the Joke could teach us something good.